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Step 2: Create a Stripe Account

Goodbricks uses Stripe for online payment processing. Active stripe account is needed for processing credit cards. Stripe offers a discounted rate for non-profits.


  1. Business EIN, address, phone number, website
  2. Personal details of Business Representative (name, address, DOB, last 4 of SSN)
  3. Bank account details of Business (Account number, Routing number)
  4. 501c Document to discounted rate. (you can accept payments at the regular rate until 501c document is approved by Stripe)

Step 2.1: Create a Stripe Account

Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/register to create a stripe account

Step 2.2: Create Additional Accounts (if Needed):

Click on your Org name and select new account

Step 2.3: Activate account

Step 2.4: Fill in below sections.

Almost there, just a couple more things…and you are ready to rock and roll!!

Next Proceed to Step 3 – Connect Stripe & GoodBricks

Updated on October 24, 2020

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