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How to add a new subscription?


Learn how to create or enter a new subscription in GoodBricks.

Enter a New Subscription

Access New Subscription Page

  • Select ‘New Subscription’ link on QUICK LINKS located on the Dashboard Page
  • Select Subscriptions from the left hand side menu.
  • Select + New Subscription button to open the New Subscription Page.

New Subscription

Customer Information

Type here to load an existing customer… – If this subscription is for a customer that already exists in GoodBricks then you can search for the customer using this area.
Full Name – Enter full name of the customer.
Email – Enter email address associated with the customer.
Phone – Enter phone number associated with the customer.


Type here to autofill address… – Start typing the street address and system will retrieve the address and populate on the appropriate fields.
Street – Enter street address of customer.
Apt, Suite, Unit, etc – Enter any Apt, Suite, Unit information.
City – Enter city information.
Zip Code – Enter zip code information.

Cause Information

Cause – Use this drop down to select from a pre-existing Cause.
Amount – Enter the amount (Required field).

Subscription Information

Start Date – Use this calendar drop down to select a start date for subscription.
Frequency – Select frequency of subscription (Month/Day/Week/Year).
Iteration – Select number of iterations for subscription.

Payment Information

Default – This is the default payment option associated with the customer.
Card – Select to enter card information.
Other – Select this option to enter cash or check information. NOTE: This field does not take any special characters like #,* etc.
Card Number – Enter card information.

Save as default – Check this option if you would like to save this as default payment method of the customer.
Comments – Enter any comments or additional information related to this subscription.

Create New Subscription

Press this button when you have entered all the required information to create the new subscription.

Updated on October 24, 2020

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