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How to import transactions?

Import transactions from .CSV to GoodBricks.

Prepare your .CSV file before you begin. Mandatory fields need to be filled in.

Column HeaderDescription
transaction_IDThis should be a unique number that uniquely identifies this transaction(Mandatory).
transactionDateDate of transaction, all the rows should be in following format mm/dd/yyyy (Mandatory).
categoryNameSlug of the category that you would like transaction to be classified under (Mandatory).
categoryAmountAmount of transaction, remove all symbols in the amount field, for example, currency sign or comma etc. (Mandatory)
nameCustomer/Donor First and Last Name (Mandatory).
emailCustomer/Donor email address (Mandatory), if no email address is entered then it will default to your organization email address.
phoneCustomer/Donor phone number.
addressStreetCustomer/Donor Street Address
addressAptCustomer/Donor Apt/Suite #.
addressCityCustomer/Donor City.
addressStateCustomer/Donor State.
addressZipCodeCustomer/Donor Zipcode.
referenceIdAny other identifying information for example check number, paypal etc
notesAny notes associated with the transaction.

Now that you’ve prepared your .CSV file, you can import transactions from the .CSV file to GoodBricks.

Updated on October 30, 2020

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